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Annik Associates Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 04072715.
Registered Office: 12, Hemsby Close, Copperfields, Worcester. WR5 3RH. VAT Registration No. 754 4718 12. Copyright © 2010 Annik Associates limited. All rights reserved.

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Website accessibility specialists

Keyboard shortcuts are intended to help users who have difficulty using pointing devices such as a mouse. This website uses the UK government access key systems and the following information details each of the keyboard shortcuts available to you. Depending on your browser type use the following:

If Microsoft Internet Explorer press "alt" and the relevant character from the list below, then press the enter key.

If Safari press "alt" ( "ctrl opt" on a mac ) and the relevant character from the list below.

For most other browsers (such as Firefox), press and hold down the "alt" and "shift" keys ( "ctrl" on a mac ) and the relevant character from the list below.


h - enter site

c - conceptual ideas

l - logos, corporate identity literature and brochures

s - leaflets and stationery

p - packaging and promotions

a - advertising and exhibitions

w - website design, production and hosting

o - online 3d ebooks and interactive media

i - photography and illustration

r - printing

t - the company

u - contact us

1 - site map

2 - accessibility

3 - feedback

0 - access keys

4 - privacy statement

5 - disclaimer

6 - text version

7 - terms and conditions

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