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ImageRunAroundIn an age of more sophisticated methods, is there still a place for leaflets?

Absolutely, if used properly. Chucking your logo on a piece of paper and banging on about how brilliant your business is won’t cut it, though. People are overloaded with information, so you’ve got to grab their attention quickly and tell them how you’ll solve their problems. No business should rely on just one method of promotion. And just as we wouldn’t advocate leaflets alone, it’s dangerous to assume that social media and e-marketing are the only promotional methods you need. Sure, people are print less than they were ten years ago, but there’s still a place for print. People like to take stuff away, read it, touch it and ponder it.

How many leaflets should I get printed?

The average direct mail response rate is 1-2 per cent, which is thought to be a good return, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Your response rate will only be as good as the effort you put in - it’s all about getting six key things right.

What are the six key tactics for success?

Send it to the right people - your target audience. Obviously, you need to know who they are. Secondly, time it right. Distribute your leaflets when people are most likely to think about buying your products or services. Thirdly, your offer must be compelling and appropriate to the target audience. Fourth, the design needs to attract people’s attention and build trust. Fifth, your copy needs to convey your key messages powerfully and effectively. Finally, for maximum results, integrate with other marketing activities, such as a telemarketing campaign, e-marketing or some PR.


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